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Our refurbishing expertise is not only limited to aircraft. hi-flight can cater for your boat refurbishment requirements, from an ‘out-of-the-mould’ option, to a colour of your choice. From your initial call, hi-flight will handle the full process of transforming your craft into an enviable sight.


hi-flight industrial finishes can be applied to a host of interior and exterior surroundings including office environments, warehouses, suspended ceilings and agricultural buildings. The greatest enemy of steel and other metals is exposure to a combination of water and oxygen.

Other Services

hi-flight aerospace other services include full repair, painting and restoration of all vehicles.  Bodywork including scratches, dents and chips, welding, waxoyling, painting and fitting of bodykits, full resprays, stripping and refitting of cars, buff and polishing, valeting, free estimates and insurance work.